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Infinity TS9

Go ahead, jump up and down. Our TS9 docks can take it.
ShoreMaster's completely redesigned Infinity TS9 dock feautres exceptional value without compromising quality. It's truss design gives you the greatest strength-to-weight ratio. The TS9 is available in 8-foot and 16-foot lengths. This dock can be used as a wheel-in dock, utilizing two different wheel kit options, or as a standing dock.

Truss Design
Engineered to give you the greatest strength-to-weight ratio.

Recessed Decking
Our TS9 decking is recessed in the truss channel for additional strength and protection.

Quick Connect System
Allows for easy, no tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, steps and more.

Easy Assembly
Redesigned for 2006, our simple-to-use dock pieces now connect by hand. Simply lower the dock section into the channel and tighten the Quick Connect screws.

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